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Musique d'amour

Operetta Theatre concert "Musique d'amour"

The Operetta Theatre's concert programme "Musique d'amour" (Music of Love) with its Viennese charm will create a wonderfully inspiring festive mood and joy for you. The most beautiful operetta arias and duets, hits from the most popular operettas and our concert programmes will be performed, as this concert programme is a reflection of the programmes staged by the Operetta Theatre during its nine years of work, taking into account the wishes of the public and the requests of the Operetta Theatre's audiences. It will be music about love, music that we love and know.Soloists:

Sonora Vaice, soprano

Anta Jankovska, soprano/Italia

Laura Purena, soprano

Dainis Skutelis, tenor

Nauris Indzeris, baritone

Kārlis Rūtentāls, tenor

Dainis Kalnačs, tenor

Patricija Kozlovska, soprano

Paula Šūmane, violin

Operetta Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Atvars Lakstīgala

The programme includes the most beautiful pages of operettas by Johann Strauss, Jean-Jacques Offenbach, Franz Lehár, Imre Kalman and others.

Concert in 2 parts.

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